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The Q-Table is the next generation of interactive touch screen table or digital touch table. As a smart table, it provides the perfect solution for a Nursery touch table, Schools, Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Businesses, Receptions, Nursing homes, Care homes, Conference rooms and Classrooms.

This interactive table features: Mobile, Tilt 90 degrees, Powered Raise and Lower, Rotate#, 43″ PCAP Screen, 100W Dolby Digital Sound, Android 11, 64gb Storage, Free paid apps available.

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Learning experience

“We have recently purchased the Q-Table interactive tv for our children’s nursery and have been very impressed. Throughout from our initial enquiry the customer service has been excellent. An informative presentation was given to find out more about the product and costs if it would suit our needs.

Communication from Jason at Camelott® has been excellent, he personally delivered the table and ensured it was set up and we knew how to use all the functions ( although it is so simple I don’t think the personal set up would be necessary)

Children and practitioners have found the Q-Table to be great fun with lots of educational tools to support in the delivery of our curriculum, I would highly recommend this to any early years setting.”

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Introducing a new generation of Interactive Touch table for a Nursery School

Interactive Touch

Our all new Q-Table Touchscreen Table for a Nursery enables our customers across the UK to find a digital learning solution within nurseries and schools. We have developed the Q-Table, which lowers costs, incorporates experience of industry professionals, and offers an all new interactive learning experience for children.

This interactive multitouch table consists of a 43” android tablet, set into a fully tiltable platform. You can transform your touch table from Table Mode, to fully vertical, ideal for story time within the nursery environment. For over three years now, these digital learning tables have had a massive impact on how individual nurseries embrace technology in the workplace, and encourage child development through interactive learning (ticking that ITC Ofsted box!).

With our second generation smart table, we offer eight free Yellow Door apps with purchase or hire, pre-loaded onto the table. Yellow Door are at the forefront of early child development, producing literature and innovative digital media to encourage interactive learning and confidence in technology. Our Yellow Door apps are carefully chosen to help the children in your nursery learn useful skills through fun, digital resources. We include: Pre-Writing, Letter Formation, Number Formation, Find the Rhyme Sounds, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, Letter Recognition, and Come Alive Nursery Rhymes etc.

You can now even raise or lower the device with two easy to use buttons. All at cost that’s cheaper than other tables on the market.

An all new interactive table learning experience

The new Q-Table can raise and lower too to ensure all the children can see it. It works amazing with Camelott®’s collaboration with other organisations to allow children to get moving in a fun way.

This makes it a bit easier on the backs of the staff too so you don’t need to bend. But makes it even more practical for doing staff training and in reception to show off the children’s work!


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Touch Table

Interactive Touch table

Camelott® ’s Nursery Touchtable can be used for more than interactive learning – you can also utilise it to deliver staff training, run PowerPoints, and even access email, so you can send updates to parents straight from the table. With a built in PC, the digital table gives you a range of additional functionalities, allowing you to use it for the benefit of the nursery as a whole

If you currently use an on-line journal such as Tapestry or I-Connect or are contemplating using one in the future, you will be pleased to know that our table works seamlessly with a variety of them. If they have an App you simply download it onto your table. You can now log onto the App directly and work in a much more intuitive way by tracking individual children’s development seamlessly from your new touch table. You can monitor children’s progression through this, logging on to your journal and checking on development in an easy and seamless manner.

These interactive touch tables are more than just a tool to further development; they are also ideal for increasing collaborative learning within the nursery environment. Rather than sit individually and learn alone, the children can work to learn and play together through a range of apps that allow four or more children at a time to digitally play, and play in real life!

Why choose Camelott’s Q-Table for
your nursery?

  • 8 free Yellow Door paid apps

  • Manual tilt, rotate and POWERED raise and lower
  • Staff can use for presentations, training and research etc.
  • Open platform with free app installation
  • Up to 5 year guarantee free#
  • Strong construction with industrial grade quality glass
  • 43″ PCAP touch screen with Dolby digital sound.
  • Surprisingly very affordable with various options
  • Open platform with free app installation


We have found our TouchTable, purchased from John Ellis at Camelott, invaluable during our school partial closure due to the Covid19 virus. A small number of children have been at school every day but they can range in age from 2 to 11 years old. The TouchTable has allowed us to provide activities for our younger children that are meaningful, engaging and have maintained their focus. It is amazing how quickly the children have become independent in using the table even being able to show a member of staff from the upper school how to operate it!

Not only has it been used for the younger children we have been able to download apps to provide activities that are appropriate to support the learning of our older children in school. I have no hesitation in recommending this technology to any other school or Nursery in this current climate and for the future.

Deb | Headteacher

Primary School in Warrington

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